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In Depth Post #6

In my most recent meeting with my mentor, we conversed about the specifics of my presentation and how to approach business executives for a presentation. Within the individual components of my presentation, we discussed major concepts such as;   Charity… Continue Reading →

In Depth Post #5

This past month has been very productive! I have been working on the research for my presentation to the school representatives from whom I am seeking a sponsorship. In this post, I have provided a clip on conversation between myself… Continue Reading →

In Depth Post #4

Over the past few weeks in my meetings with my mentor, I have discovered lots of new information. Namely, together we have come up with a plan for the formulation of the presentation I hope to give to the owner… Continue Reading →

In Depth Post #3

The focus for my mentor and I over these past few weeks was about the refugees that i would be looking to assist. We spoke about the technicalities of the ‘refugee status’, the things refugees have gone through to get… Continue Reading →

In Depth Post #2

In the past two weeks, I have been working on getting my In Depth project in the air. This involves finally meeting my mentor in person. Jennifer York (my mentor) and I arranged to meet at her office at ISSBC…. Continue Reading →

An In Depth Presentation

This year for In Depth, I wanted to do trail maintenance. Here are some reasons why,   I love trails There are trails I love that are overgrown I know some people who are involved in it I had a… Continue Reading →

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