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Websites: The Wilderness Society Founders Page The Wilderness Society has a page on Benton MacKaye because he was one of the society founders. It provides a brief summary of his life, his work, and his legacy. This is a valuable… Continue Reading →

Night of the Notables… And Their Eminent People

My learning centre begins at the start of locker space twelve. You step onto the grey material strewn across the floor. The cedar, fir and pine boughs swing from the locker fronts. Green rests on the locker foregrounds. You see… Continue Reading →

Interview Insight

As I have touched on in various documents of my eminent progression, I first heard of the Appalachian trail, Benton MacKaye, and Myron Avery while reading ‘A Walk in the Woods’ by Bill Bryson. Because of this, I thought ‘Who… Continue Reading →

Library Experience 2016

Before the trip began, I decided that my ultimate goal was to get books on my Eminent person, Benton MacKaye, and his legacy of a trail. I wanted to sort through the books before taking anything out to make sure… Continue Reading →

MacKaye and I

2,190 miles of trail spanning across the densely forested eastern United States. 2 national parks. 14 states. On top of all this achievement- a name, one known By all 2 million estimated yearly visitors to the trail. Benton MacKaye. (BEHN-ton… Continue Reading →

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