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Socials DOL #3

1. The Canadian event that I believe has been highly influential to Canadian identity in the quadrants of Political, Social, Economic, and Environmental issues is the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls human rights crisis that has been a… Continue Reading →

In Depth Post #4

I met with my mentor for our first lesson together this week, and the outcome was way beyond my expectations.   When I got in the car, my mentor asked me to get in the driver’s seat. We discussed some… Continue Reading →

Socials Blog Post 2- Sourcing a Personally Significant Object

Sourcing a Personally Significant Object   Inquiry Question- What does your peer’s source reveal about their background, values, or personal history?   Source: My ring is a secondary source in relation to the inquiry question. The physicality of the ring… Continue Reading →

Socials Blog Response #1: Historical Thinking

In the name of having a vibrant and challenging Social Studies experience this year, I believe that the most important historical thinking question to consider is the cause and consequence statement:   Why do events happen, and what are their… Continue Reading →

In Depth Blog Post #3

These past two weeks have been quite productive for me in my In Depth project. I will begin lessons with my mentor on March 2nd, by which time he will have spaces available for lessons and I will be able… Continue Reading →

Romeo and Juliet- The Nurse as an ENTP

As a result of Taking the Meyers-Briggs 16 Personalities test from the perspective of the Nurse from Romeo and Juliet, I have come to the conclusion that Juliet’s beloved Nurse is an ENTP, or an extraverted, intuitive, thinking, and perspective… Continue Reading →

In Depth Post #2

For the very first stages of my driving experience, I have been working with my mom instead of with my mentor as I need to have a basic understanding of the operation of a vehicle before I actually get on… Continue Reading →

Romeo and Juliet- Puppy Love

Based on our readings so far, I disagree that Romeo and Juliet are ‘infatuated children’ engaging in ‘puppy love’. I have come to this conclusion through not only the text but also my understanding that the definition of love is… Continue Reading →

In Depth Intro Post 2018

For in-depth this year, I will be taking on all of the challenges that come with learning how to drive as a youth. Now that my 16th birthday has rolled by, I am set to take my L test within… Continue Reading →


Research Question:   What are the most critical things to consider when using the Bechdel Test to assess the representation of women in film and in media?   I have started my process of combining my research and my analysis… Continue Reading →

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