An address to the British Parliament regarding Canadian Confederation from Her Majesty Queen Victoria


In many ways, it is in England’s best interest to support Canada in its movement toward confederation. As a part of England, the British North American colonies require vast funds and protection, as well as time and energy from England for maintenance. A negotiated and peaceful confederation would prevent a repeat of the conflict between England and America, and would allow England to maintain some benefits of having these colonies under British rule. However, a separation from England as an official British colony would restrict the resources under direct rule of England, as well as decreasing the landmass of the British Empire.


Letting go of the British North American colonies would separate the British Empire from the resources and surplus to the area of the Empire that the colonies provide. Although England would prefer to maintain the rule over these colonies for the benefit of the span of the empire, as well as the people and natural features that come along with it, it is necessary to consider the setbacks of resisting their confederation and aggressively enforcing a continued rule over these colonies.


The British North American Colonies require vast funds from the mainland in order to pay for the resources that are not directly available within the colonies, as well as for funding vast railway and development projects. Although greater taxes on the colonies could be established, we must be weary of the repercussions of such actions as demonstrated by the American people. Rule directly from England consumes valuable time and resources for the purpose of direct supervision. Should these colonies govern themselves, English politicians could focus on the betterment of the British mainland rather than the concerns of the wild and outcast colonials.


Proceeding the American revolution, England is concerned with a repeat of similar conflict, death, and destruction. Wars could be avoided if we allow the colonials their confederation, while still maintaining official rule. We would not have to use our tax money and armies on petty North American conflicts. Rather, anticipating the unrest and inevitable want for separation from the mainland of the British North American Colonies would allow for guidance and cooperation during confederation. Both parties could settle with something that they seek. For the colonies; independence, for England; increased concentration of resources for the mainland.