Month March 2018

Independent Investigation: The Chinese Immigration Act

What were the motives of the Chinese Head Tax in Canada, and to what extent were the impacts felt?   In order to better understand why the Chinese head tax is a part of Canada’s history and how it affected… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Post #5

Since my last update post, I have been working with my parents much more often to get in practice time and to get comfortable with being behind the wheel more frequently. I also worked more with my mentor, revisiting parallel… Continue Reading →

Socials DOL #3

1. The Canadian event that I believe has been highly influential to Canadian identity in the quadrants of Political, Social, Economic, and Environmental issues is the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls human rights crisis that has been a… Continue Reading →

In Depth Post #4

I met with my mentor for our first lesson together this week, and the outcome was way beyond my expectations.   When I got in the car, my mentor asked me to get in the driver’s seat. We discussed some… Continue Reading →

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