Sourcing a Personally Significant Object


Inquiry Question- What does your peer’s source reveal about their background, values, or personal history?



  • My ring is a secondary source in relation to the inquiry question. The physicality of the ring was created by a manufacturer, but the importance of the ring to me was established by one of my closest friends, the friend that gave the ring to me for my 16th birthday.


My dad offered to pose with the ring, enjoy

My dad offered to pose with the ring, enjoy


  • When Berry gave me the ring, was at my house on my birthday. She texted me to ask if I was home, knocked on my door, and proceeded to tell me how much I mean to her. To me, the ring represents her love for me and never ceases to remind me of that very important moment of genuine appreciation and love between the two of us.
  • In the world, at 11:07 Vancouver time on January 13th 2018 (my birthday, and the day Berry gave me the ring), a false alarm was issued in Hawaii, warning residents that a ballistic missile threat to Hawaii through radio, television, and cell phones. This caused widespread panic until 38 minutes later, when a message was released deeming the warning a false alarm. The state of Hawaii, and the rest of the USA, proceeded to express their anger and concerns regarding the tensions between the USA and North Korea, and the implications it was having on American residents.
  • Although the alarm didn’t directly affect me and Berry at the time, it was a reason to be grateful that we can spend time together in a space where we feel safe and don’t have to worry about the well being of the people we love.


Screenshot of cell phone alert


  • The ring is silver and relatively thin with thirteen leaves made of Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia around the band. It’s a size 6, which was determined after Berry not-so-casually asked me about my ring size on multiple occasions and had me go into The Bay to get sized.
  • I don’t know why the designer of this ring chose to create it in this way, but it is very pleasing to the eye, which I can assume was at least part of the intention.
  • I asked my friend why chose the design she did, considering how many options there are for ring styles. She said that she slimmed down her top choices to this ring and one other, selecting this one in the end because of its’ elegant and simple design. She likes the thinner band for comfort, and the way that the gems are subtle but still catch the light.


Inferences About Perspective:


  • By examining this source, it is possible to make inferences about the people in my life who are important to me, as I carry around this reminder of Berry with me wherever I go.
  • It can be interpreted that the ring was selected by me due to a value of mine that goes beyond the physicality of the ring, which also says something about my values.
  • The context of the ring reveals my value for people, emotion, and connection. This is demonstrated by my drive to maintain the meaningful relationships in my life, like the one with Berry. I value her insight, support, love, and general being, and I want to have that with me always.


Inferences About Inquiry Question:

  • By examining this source, I learned about the motives of Berry when she selected the ring for me, and I have been able to really distill and verbalize why it’s so important to me. Through talking to Berry about it, the value of the ring has been even further amplified for me, as the aspects of the ring I hadn’t even thought about were brought to light.
  • The ring helps me answer my inquiry question as it provides insight into my personal history. When the meaning behind the ring is uncovered, the importance of Berry in my life and in my past is revealed. We have such a powerful, unconditional love for each other, she has been by my side through so much, and we have relied on each other for support so many times that I can’t separate my personal history from my history with Berry.
  • This source would extend the knowledge of a viewer regarding the relationship between Berry and I. If an onlooker was to know the context of the ring, they would have an enhanced understanding of how important the relationships I have are to me, and this is a component of my nature that has shaped me as a person.
  • Without the context of this ring, an onlooker would not know why it is so valuable to me. Digging into my past and the past of the ring is essential to bringing light to its’ value.