In the name of having a vibrant and challenging Social Studies experience this year, I believe that the most important historical thinking question to consider is the cause and consequence statement:


Why do events happen, and what are their impacts?


Understanding the causes and implications of historical events is essential to the prevention, repetition, and assessments of those events.There are events in the past of our civilization that we have analyzed and have determined that we do not want to occur again, and in order to ensure this prevention, we must consider why they happened in the first place. Is there a similar situation presently? What went wrong, and how can we ensure that it doesn’t go that way this time? The same standards can be applied in reverse to those events that have been deemed productive, and would like to see occur in a similar manner in the future. At the same time, it is important that an unbiased assessment of historical events can occur, so that a better understanding of them can be developed. The most essential components of questioning historical events for a better understanding of them? Why did the events happen, and what were their impacts?