For in-depth this year, I will be taking on all of the challenges that come with learning how to drive as a youth. Now that my 16th birthday has rolled by, I am set to take my L test within the next week, meaning that my In Depth project is about to start in full force! My specific goals for the project include:


  • It is suggested that drivers complete 60 hours of driving in the time between their L test and N test, the time between these tests being a minimum of 12 months. Through the 20 weeks of In-Depth, I aim to complete at least 30 of these required hours, which equates to an hour and a half per week.
  • The estimation from my mentor on what I will be able to accomplish in 10 lessons are observation and steering, basic driving, speed maintenance, parking, high speeds, and merging. These of course may vary depending on my learning abilities.
  • By the end of the last meeting I have with my mentor, I would like to be able to be comfortable with driving uncoached, meaning that I would have someone in the car with me but I would be able to do all the driving on my own without them reminding me or coaching me. I anticipate that an appropriate course to do in this manner would be from my house to Simon Fraser University, which is about a 30 minute drive and includes hills, major intersections, highway time, and will test all of the skills that I will have worked on by that point.

Which is pretty intimidating, seeing as I will go from week one and never having driven before to week twenty and being independent on the road up to Simon Fraser University! Ambitious? Sure, Achievable? Only if I put my best foot forward!

So, why driving of all things?

I hope to learn how to be a driver because it is an essential life skill in my world.For me, driving is more than something that seems purely liberating and fun. For me, being a confident and responsible driver is absolutely essential as I grow up and obtain more responsibilities!I have been looking forward to working on my driving for many years, and through this I have developed a determination to be not just a driver, but a very good driver. There is no way that I will settle for being a mediocre driver, I want to be someone that people are comfortable with relying on to keep themselves and their vehicles safe.  Being able to drive means being able to support my own transportation needs as well as those of my family and friends when needed. I feel that it is very important for me to be comfortable with being in control and being on the road. Although I am passionate about the environment, I am also passionate about being a responsible and independent youth.

My mentor will be my driving instructor, who used to work for the read testing department of ICBC before starting his own driving school business! We have been in contact about the skills which we will focus on as well as the frequency of our lessons, but we have yet to meet in person. He is very knowledgable and will be an amazing asset for me in finding my way as a young driver!

My parents will also play a huge part in my road time, as with a Learners licence I will not permitted to be on the road without a supervisor. I estimate that I will spend 15 hours over 20 weeks on the road with one of my parents in the passenger seat.

Within the next few weeks, I will be getting my licence and getting behind the wheel for the first time, as well as learning the very basics of safe driving. I have lots ahead of me in regards to this project, but with my nerves come tons of excitement!