This week, I set out to…


“Collect as many tests, questions, and assessments as are relative to my topic. Search both digital and physical domains for insight. Begin to evaluate these and start to refine into the most crucial points. Identify underlying themes, common points, and those that stick out and are most unexpected. Also be aware of seemingly very effective strategies. Test out these points a few different forms of media” (ZIP 2017 Proposal).


What actually ended up happening was a pretty major shift in how I am conducting my ZIP project from here on out. After pouring more time than I expected into research on the Bechdel test, I came to the conclusion that my inquiry question needed adjustment. There are simply too many things to consider regarding the representation of women in the media. In order to refine my area of study for ZIP, I have adjusted my question slightly. I started with:


What are the most critical components of media to consider in order to accurately assess the representation of women?


I am now working with:


What are the most critical things to consider when using the Bechdel Test to assess the representation of women in film and in media?


The Bechdel test has a copious repertoire of analyses, reviews, and general applications available when you go digging. I think that my time will be better spent narrowing in to one specific test than compiling as many tests as I can find. As a result of this, my plan for my final project has also changed. I am working on finding a way to present my findings and the relevance of what I have found within my time restrictions. This may include having each quad assess some media, which I will supply, on whether or not they pass the Bechdel Test. Another idea is brainstorming a list of movies that we would likely all know and asking everyone to think about whether or not these things pass the test, or maybe having everyone identify one of their favourite films and then determine if it can pass the Bechdel test. I have a lot of new ideas surrounding my refined question, and I am sure that as a result my presentation and final product will be closer to what I was hoping for from the start!