I found the 360 degree leader lessons to be insightful, and really quite valuable for me in the journey to expanding my leadership repertoire. One particular lesson that stuck with me is the Principles 360 Degree Leaders Practice to Lead Across lesson. Within the lesson, the “People Who Rely on Production vs People Who Rely on Politics” section was the most eye-opening for me. I think this is because I have never really made a distinction between the two behaviour types listed. Now that I have seen and identified them I understand why they’re so different, and I can definitely identify examples of them in my past leadership positions. As a person who values social responsibility and awareness, at times I can lose focus on my goals when I spend too much of my energy worrying about being sensitive and inclusive. I don’t think that trying to be an understanding person is the reason I lose focus, but rather that I need to learn how to balance that sensitivity and achieving my tasks at the same time. Specifically, I need to recognize that the way people see me is based on more than what I say; what I do is also significant to the manner in which I am perceived. If my responsibility is within a committee for cultural events, leadership events or adventure trips, I am going to need to use my actions to lead rather than my words. Making a real impact in the workplace, school environment, home, or elsewhere will not come from simply talking about things that need to be adjusted. I can show my leadership skills and capabilities by taking action and doing what needs to be done to move forward.