Friday, December 8th


Today I spent my time researching the curricular competencies and the big idea that I will use for my project, as well as constructing my rubric for my self-assessment at the end of the project. I thought that I was going to struggle a bit with finding curricular competencies that related directly to my question, but I found quite the opposite! I was surprised with how closely the curricular competencies matched with my plan for ZIP. The new Grade 10 Curriculum drafts seem to be much more comprehensive and applicable! There appears to be a lot of space for flexibility and extrapolation in the new curriculum, which I really like! I had a number of curricular competencies that were applicable to my project, so I had the flexibility to choose the ones I found to be the most effective rather than scrambling for competencies that are more or less related to my topic. I am excited to see what the curriculum looks like when it is finalized!


Here are the pieces I selected:


Question: What are the most critical components of media to consider in order to accurately assess the representation of women?


New Media 10 curriculum



Big Idea:

  • The exploration of text and stories deepens our understanding of complex, diverse ideas about identity, others, and the world.


Curricular competencies:

  • Apply appropriate strategies to comprehend written, oral, visual, and multimodal texts
  • Identify bias, contradictions, and distortions
  • Respectfully exchange ideas and viewpoints from diverse perspectives to build shared understandings and extend thinking