Zip round two! This time- regarding women’s issues. Much more exciting!



Question, what I would like to do, motives


What are the most critical components of media to consider when assessing the accuracy of the representation of women? I would like to explore the possible answers to this question through collecting an assortment of tests and questions that can be applied to sources of information when regarding the representation of women. After I have collected these assessments, I would like to apply them to a few sources of varying representations of women, and then identify the common themes and determine the most crucial components of these tests to take into consideration. I formulate a presentation to my peers regarding these refined points, and have them explore these qualifications for themselves.


Current knowledge and skills


I currently am aware that there are tests that consider the interactions between women among other standards, and the purpose of such tests is to determine the presence of sexism or male dominance in films, texts, and media. Aside from general knowledge such as common discrepancies, I do not have much specific knowledge relating to this topic, but it is something that I see as incredibly important to recognise and be aware of. I am sensitive to women’s issues and the potential sensitivities of my audience, so I think that will help me create a presentation that is informative without being insensitive. I am also passionate about women’s rights, so that passion will likely help me to stay engaged in my topic through my study.


To be improved:

  • Unbiased analysis and presentation
  • Synthesis of information
  • Brevity
  • Critical Analysis skills
  • Identifying common themes


Who can I approach?


I have access to resources from Mr Morris regarding essential questions to be considering when regarding various forms of media, as well as insight from my aunt whose university teachings are tailored to women’s issues, and that of my parents, both of whom have taken women’s studies courses in the past. My mom’s english masters degree thesis was on the manner in which violent women are depicted in media, and how even in active situations, women are still depicted in very typecasted ways.




I could potentially have access to my mom’s Master’s thesis, though I am not sure that that subject matter would be suitable for my reading. I will be on the lookout for established tests and questions that people have already published regarding the roles that women play in media. I will likely find these online, but it is entirely possible that I might discover something of value in a library.


How might you demonstrate your learning?


I hope that by the end of this time, I will have established a list of the most important things to consider and identify when observing the representation of women in various media. With this list, I would like to bring forth a presentation where we briefly go through the components of the list and assess a preselected piece, before they are sent off with individual representations to assess, and, if I can figure out how to do it right, fix to be more appropriate. These representations would be likely assigned one per quad, and they could be in the form of texts, posts, videos, or advertisements.




Day Task
Friday, December 8th Step 2.5: Connect to curriculum, self assessment/rubric creation. Begin research into potential question if there is extra time.
Monday, December 11th Collect as many tests, questions, and assessments as are relative to my topic. Search both digital and physical domains for insight.
Friday, December 15th Begin to evaluate these and start to refine into the most crucial points. Identify underlying themes, common points, and those that stick out and are most unexpected. Also be aware of seemingly very effective strategies. Test out these points a few different forms of media.
Monday, December 18th Refine points into my own, comprehensible language and venture further out into potential applications for these points. Be diverse in choosing forms of media, and select examples that are relevant to the audience.
Friday, December 22nd Finalize choices of media and of questions, formulate the presentation. Select a piece to assess together as a class, a brief but clear explanation of the points, and the individual examples to be given to the class. Ensure that the presentation is smooth and makes sense.