Here are some great resources on Robyn Rihanna Fenty!



Rihanna- the Unauthorized Biography


Rihanna- the Unauthorized Biography is a good resource for information on Rihanna’s life in the spotlight, detailing her dramas and accomplishments as a singer. It shows the side of Rihanna that is picked on by media outlets, as well as the parts of her that are individual and quite personal.


Rihanna, Rebel Flower


In Rihanna, Rebel Flower, the reader is given access to insight on Rihanna’s upbringing, and the difficult path to success that she traveled. This is an effective resource for understanding where Rihanna came from and her vulnerability, as well as her strengths and the resilience of her character.




This is a children’s book briefly touching on who Rihanna is, and on some of her accomplishments. I would recommend this book as a starting place, it makes elaborating on Rihanna much more straightforward. This book helps to ensure that the information you absorb on Rihanna after reading it makes considerably more sense.




Rihanna Hosts the Fenty Beauty Launch Party


This is a video detailing the Fenty Beauty launch party this past November. It is a fantastic resource for getting a feel for not only what the launch party involved, but also for understanding further how Rihanna feels about Fenty beauty, including interviews and clips of her playing with the products.


Behind the Beauty


In this video, Rihanna discusses the Fenty Beauty, her motives for creating the line, behind the scenes details, and insight onto her access to creativity for the whole line. It is a great way to see her personal connections to the line, and the viewer sees that this is a truly important accomplishment for her.


Fenty Beauty by Rihanna


This is the official full advertisement video for Fenty Beauty. It is an invitation into the diversity and attitude that is everything Fenty Beauty is about. A minute and a half of pure epic that you will not regret.


Websites: is the essential hub for Rihanna insight. You can find information on her music, beauty line, fashion collaborations, tours, fragrances and charity work, as well as images and videos on her and her accomplishments.