Month December 2017


This week, I set out to…   “Collect as many tests, questions, and assessments as are relative to my topic. Search both digital and physical domains for insight. Begin to evaluate these and start to refine into the most crucial… Continue Reading →

360 Degree Leader Reflection

I found the 360 degree leader lessons to be insightful, and really quite valuable for me in the journey to expanding my leadership repertoire. One particular lesson that stuck with me is the Principles 360 Degree Leaders Practice to Lead Across… Continue Reading →

ZIP 12/08/17

Friday, December 8th   Today I spent my time researching the curricular competencies and the big idea that I will use for my project, as well as constructing my rubric for my self-assessment at the end of the project. I… Continue Reading →

ZIP 2017 Proposal

Zip round two! This time- regarding women’s issues. Much more exciting!     Question, what I would like to do, motives   What are the most critical components of media to consider when assessing the accuracy of the representation of… Continue Reading →

Eminent Bibliography 2017

Here are some great resources on Robyn Rihanna Fenty! Books:   Rihanna- the Unauthorized Biography   Rihanna- the Unauthorized Biography is a good resource for information on Rihanna’s life in the spotlight, detailing her dramas and accomplishments as a singer…. Continue Reading →

Night of the Notables 2017 Reflection

I can’t believe that was my last night of the notables! To be honest, the Eminent project is one of my favourite TALONS projects that we do every year. It’s one of those assignments that is completely unique to TALONS,… Continue Reading →

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