For eminent this year, my speech will be set during the release party of Fenty Beauty that happened on September 7th. My costume is based off of Rihanna’s skirt for the event, which was in turn based off of her 2015 MET Gala dress!

Rihanna’s outfit from the Fenty Beauty release party in September

Rihanna’s MET gala 2015 dress


I decided that I wanted to put my time into creating a memorable costume that would do justice to Rihanna’s always-in-the-spotlight wardrobe. Here’s how it went down!


First, I went to the fabric store and picked up 15 meters of a pale yellow tulle fabric, as well as 5 meters of a deeper yellow with tons of glitter in it. I also got elastic for the waistband, and 10 more meters of pink tulle for my learning centre. I started by measuring out the fabric into 6 equal lengths and folding it, then cutting along those folds.


I then measured the width into 3 equal parts, and cut along that with my fabric cutters.


Once I had all the measurements and cutting done, I was ready to tie the waistband and get started on the body of the skirt. I roughly tied off the elastic and separated the strips of tulle. I put on the elastic and began wrapping the tulle around the elastic, and then back through itself.


I repeated the tie for all 36 strips of tulle to create the body. Next, I cut the glittery yellow tulle to size, and tied them in an alternating fashion, with two pale yellow, one small bright yellow, two pale yellow, one regular bright yellow, and so on. When I had finished tying on all the strips, I evened them out and tightened the elastic waist. I also temporarily added a belt;


Then I added my golden hoop earnings and matching bracelets, as well as a set of rings and my yellow shirt. I also removed the belt.


For the final touch, I took a pair of heels and some old socks and worked some magic, putting the socks over my heels and cutting out a small hole. The result- boot heels!


About four hours later, I had an amazing outfit to prove for all my hard work. Now all that’s left to do is wait until Wednesday to put it all on again. I’m excited to walk around feeling like a princess, and even better, like Rihanna herself. Can’t wait!