For my eminent 2017 practice interview, I pitched my questions to certified interior decorator-gone-designer Ms Bain. My interview went really well, and I gained lots of new insight into Interior Design from her experience and knowledge. Ms Bain and I discussed not only the interior design work itself, but also the implications on life and self! Here are the three most prominent parts of our interview for me:


  1. The path to your career you start with by no means has to be the one you end up pursuing! If you want change, you can make it happen.


  1. Work relationships give you an extra edge and air of comfort in competitive industries. Be human and be pleasant to clients, supervisors, and competitors!


  1. Once you are comfortable, seek a better fit in your career path for you. You don’t have to love everything about your job, but there are always things you can find ways to adjust to suit your personal needs in your life!