For my eminent speech this year, I have 90 seconds to effectively relay Rihanna’s eminence. On top of this, I will also be responsible for convincing some of the audience that Rihanna is deserving of an eminent title. Though I am excited to become Rihanna for an evening, I am also feeling lots of pressure to be taken seriously! Although this is going to be challenging for me, I think it will also be a motivator for me to adjust and edit my speech even further than if my eminent person were someone who is not so much of a household name. Here is where my ideas are at right now, onto my speech outline!


  • (camera flashes and questions for effect)
  • Very Rihanna intro statement, welcoming audience to the Fenty Beauty release party

Rising Action

  • Discussion about Rihanna’s entrepreneurialism
  • Hurdles and boundaries expressed through the importance of discussion over uncomfortable and taboo topics
  • There is still so far to do, and it is unfortunate that we are only this far along in 2017
  • The time is now for representation of ALL women in media
  • The concept that there is no market for women of colour in the beauty industry is completely false
  • This line, this progression, is for everyone.


  • 12 o’clock, Fenty Beauty is officially released to the world
  • Passion about the vitality of representation


  • Very Rihanna outro statement, thanking audience for support
  • (Possibly more camera flashes for effect, maybe music)