Month November 2017

Inside the Making of my Eminent Costume

For eminent this year, my speech will be set during the release party of Fenty Beauty that happened on September 7th. My costume is based off of Rihanna’s skirt for the event, which was in turn based off of her… Continue Reading →

Eminent Interview- Mathew V

For my Eminent  interview this year, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mathew V, the singer and performer originally from Vancouver! Mathew answered all of my questions with genuine intent to help me out, and he was able to provide… Continue Reading →

Three Wise Nugs

For my eminent 2017 practice interview, I pitched my questions to certified interior decorator-gone-designer Ms Bain. My interview went really well, and I gained lots of new insight into Interior Design from her experience and knowledge. Ms Bain and I… Continue Reading →

Eminent 2017 Speech Outline

For my eminent speech this year, I have 90 seconds to effectively relay Rihanna’s eminence. On top of this, I will also be responsible for convincing some of the audience that Rihanna is deserving of an eminent title. Though I… Continue Reading →

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