My eminent person this year is Robyn Fenty, though you probably are more familiar with her middle name, Rihanna. Robyn is a woman of Bajan origin who, since she moved to America from Barbados when she was fifteen, has been striving to incorporate a little of who she is and what she believes in into the American culture.

I certainly connect with Robyn, but there are many differences between us, physical and otherwise. She has fought through so many things, many that I can relate to but a few, particularly those of race, that I will never experience in my life.


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Robyn is an icon and an inspiration for perseverance, and utter determination. She started off on a rough foot involving her family life and her father’s struggle with drug addiction. I am so fortunate to have a supportive and loving family in my life, that this kind of struggle wasn’t a part of my definition. Robyn has intense independence that she is not afraid to project, and with these projections she helps women understand that the ‘fundamental roles’ that women are funnelled into on a large scale are not in any way the option. Her success is her own creation, and is a result of her hard work. She is an example of a woman who works hard for herself and for the people whose lives she has the opportunity to impact, creating vast change in the lives of women globally. I am utterly inspired by her independence and compassion. To me, she has been consistent and true to herself and her beliefs regardless of the pressures of media and those industries she is a part of. If I could make a fraction of the impact that she has, I would consider that successful.

Although I admire her impact, I do not have a desire to follow her same path. It has nothing to do with her, but rather my own ambitions and skill set. I am not a singer, nor a performer (for all I know), but I have felt a desire to consider business, activism, and the beauty industry in my life. One of the fantastic things about Robyn is the extent of her impact. She has tapped into business, beauty, charity, performance, music, and has expressed an interest into expanding into anything she can create. her mental capacities are outstanding, and she does it all following her own sense of identity.

The roadblocks and hurdles for me in the process of connecting to Robyn Fenty include


My plans for maneuvering these obstacles is mainly doing specific research on the things that Rihanna has said about these topics so that I can develop a genuine understanding of how she feels, rather than filling in my own blanks for something I don’t have a full understanding of. These will be expressed in a document of learning.

Through Eminent 2017, I hope to get the most out of my opportunity to understand topics that are fundamentally unfamiliar to me, and learn how to emulate someone in a respectful and constructive manner, doing a service to their achievements all while expressing their eminence and my admiration. I want to explore how someone comes to be as successful as Rihanna, whether it can be credited to fortune or if you can build exponential success through determined work and a powerful identity.

In connection to my IEP, eminent this year will help me discover more about potential options for my future, as well as assist me in becoming a 360 learner. If I can have some kind of influence or inspiration for the nines and their projects next year, just as Hira Lalani had on me with her project last year, I will be very pleased. Hira’s performance and passion helped guide me to taking initiative in this project, and really take the opportunity to get inspired and excited for my eminent person project.


Best of luck to everyone for Eminent 2017! Take the time to enjoy it!