I found significance and great impact in Chamimanda Ngozi Adichie’s “The Danger of a Single Story.” Adichie’s words reinforced the importance for me to bring my own consciousness and logic into what I take away from current events in media.  As an individual disapproving and frequently heavily critical of the behaviors and actions of America’s current political climate, I find myself tempted to cling onto stories that back up my positions or simply those that do not cross them without having put any considerable time into being critical of them as I am to stories that contradict my stances. Even for those who make a conscious effort to be aware and critical of their surroundings, it is easy to get swept up into what is pushed through media to the western population as was for Chamimanda Adichie with her experience in Mexico, “I realized that I had been so immersed in the media coverage of Mexicans that they had become one thing in my mind; the abject immigrant”. When there is such a strong push from the sources of media that are so prominent in our lives to believe something, biting into it becomes more and more tempting, and becomes an easier pathway then putting in the effort to formulate an informed opinion. It is this way with people as well; “show a people as one thing, and one thing only, and that is what they become’. It is incredibly important not to buy into an idea simply because it is easier. As a cognisant species with such huge potential for impact, we have a responsibility to stray away from passive acceptance. For me, this understanding means that I am much more aware of what I absorb as a member of society. It means that I am striving to take responsibility for when I do jump to these conclusions, because I do, and make corrections and improve for later interactions. I think this mindset is important for me in social, educational, and realistic situations as a whole. After watching her Ted Talk five times, I recognize that Chamimanda Adichie has helped me to reinforce these beliefs in myself, and for that I am very grateful.