In my most recent meeting with my mentor, we conversed about the specifics of my presentation and how to approach business executives for a presentation. Within the individual components of my presentation, we discussed major concepts such as;




Charity came up within discussions about the type of mindset and approach that I will be taking with my presentation. It will be difficult to convince the representatives that a donation like this will land the school in favour financially, so I will have to use other strategies for this. My mentor and I have agreed that the best way to approach the school is by appealing to their sense of charity.


Values and Passion


In describing myself and my motivations, we discussed that I should allow the representatives to get to know me briefly, so that my presentation will be more heartfelt and personable. I will explain to them my reasons for pursuing such a project. This will allow for them to see that I am motivated and passionate about this cause, and may possibly enable them to relate to and take action on this set of emotions.




In order to prove myself to the potential recipients of my presentation, I must maintain composure. This means staying in control of the words I am speaking, (i.e staying on topic and not going on tangents, which will be a challenge for sure!) being aware of their reactions to my presentation and adapting to those, as well as staying professional, clear, and concise.


I decided upon a mentor involved in refugee matters over one specializing on business presentations alone. This decision came mostly because the personal and emotional side of this project is really important to me, and someone connected with refugees is more likely someone to embrace that.


My mentor and I were recently talking about the format in which I would like to do my presentation to the school representatives. Ms York suggested I may wish to present in a more casual setting, such as preselecting a coffee shop to chat about my proposition. I decided against this format, because a significant portion of my project is about business presentations. Ms York did, however, suggest this alternative for me. Had I had another mentor specializing in business presentations, this alternative would likely not have been presented to me. Instead, they may have suggested an alternative such as bringing the representatives to a business location that is pre-set rather than going into the representative’s space.


My mentor also offered that I don’t narrow down the type of refugee for which I intend to give the theoretical sponsorship, but rather keep it open to any refugee who fits the time schedule, has basic literary skills, and needs the training. I have decided to do so. Another mentor involved in the business world may have suggested I select a group of refugees from a specific location to focus on, so that I could gather information individual to that group and bring that to the presentation.


As for my presentation preparations? I am almost ready! I still have to figure out the exact time frame and potential costs for the sponsorship, as well as do a ton of practice. Past that, all of my research has been completed. Here’s what I intend to bring to my presentation;




  • My story:
  • I am a human being, a female, a youth, a student, a Canadian and an individual with a drive for change.
  • I am a student of the TALONS program at Gleneagle Secondary
  • As members of the TALONS program my classmates and I are given an open- ended assignment where we pick a skill we would like to improve on, find a mentor and spend six months working towards said skill.
  • I selected something I knew would be challenging but is new and would be rewarding
  • I chose to work on formal presentations and working towards a charitable cause.
  • I am here to bring to your attention the refugee situation within vancouver, and the impact that Global Village can have that is within reach and, in my mind, worthwhile.



  • Refugees within Canada are defined as people who are persecuted in their home countries and unable to return. Refugees are commonly people in some form of poverty, unfamiliar with their new settlement, and without the skills necessary to thrive in a busy city such as Vancouver in a fast- paced first world country. We can use this definition as a way to determine the assistance these people require. Overseas refugees are provided with the funds and resources to survive more or less independently for a certain period of time for the purpose of allowing them the time to find work and means of a stable living. However, finding working conditions for these people is becoming increasingly problematic, as the influx of refugees over the past year run out of time for their federal funding. These people will be unable to sustain themselves without the essential language skills required of most entry level jobs.


School research-


  • Global Village does not have to stand by in this. There is an opportunity for not only charity and good heartedness, but also for positive publicity in international program promotions. I would like to request a sponsorship for one refugee to spend ______ months studying with Global Village’s general program, at __ lessons per week. This would cost Global Village approximately ___, but would provide an opportunity for marketers to take a step ahead of competitors, and would provide a point of differentiation for the Global Village community and program. Providing educational assistance to someone in need would give access to Vancouvers large community of refugees, their contacts, and their hearts in the future where they may look into English education for themselves as these people regain their footing.

This is my last official In Depth blog post, but depending on how my presentation goes, I may post another update in the coming weeks. Now it’s game time for me- getting up in front of business people and actually trying to convey my message in hopes of a result! Wish me luck!