This past month has been very productive! I have been working on the research for my presentation to the school representatives from whom I am seeking a sponsorship. In this post, I have provided a clip on conversation between myself and my mentor during our most recent meeting, and a reference to Edward de Bono’s How to Have a Beautiful Mind, where he speaks of the different ways of thinking. Read on!


Aislyn: Essentially I want to say ‘I did all this work in the hopes of coming here and presenting to you (the school representatives) with the goal of getting a sponsorship for these people’. Then I want to mention my high school program and describe it and the context of the project. For the self research, I want to explain more about myself and exactly what I am that relates to this project. Then I will explain what it is that I want from them (the school representatives).


Ms York: I think it’s really good that you’re putting them into real life as well, that it’s no longer just something you see on the news but that they’re in the grocery stores a well so now you’re relating to the everyday experience like why did you choose that because that’s really what it is, that’s why I like the part where you’re talking about your school, that you want to tap some personal growth and make some differences, and that it’s now a part of everyone in canada’s lives we can’t just pretend that it doesn’t happen, it’s actually everyday, everywhere you go you will see it.


Aislyn: I know that last time we were talking about having to tap into the school’s sense of charity, their personal ethics in the world, kind of pushing it into their lives as well I think is a good way to communicate with them. While i’m saying to me i’m actually implying that you will really start seeing it and I think that’s why I like that part is that can phrase it to me but send the message to them to really get that emotion out of them


Ms York: How you differentiated yourself from others with this project, saying you could’ve taken the easy way out but you didn’t, you chose this and why you selected it.


Aislyn: So implying?


Ms York: Yeah! I really like it because you’re being transparent. You’re saying that this was a school project, but you have taken the initiative to do something more complex because it’s something that touches you, and something that touches people’s everyday lives.


White hat: Information


When I was describing what I hoped to include in my presentation to Ms York, I was using the White hat to relay the information that would be incorporated. There was not much use of the white hat during this meeting, due to the context of the meeting, which was essentially an open brainstorm.


Red hat: Feelings


During this section of conversation, there was a lot of use of the red hat, seeing as we were speaking about the aspects of my presentation that I plan to enhance. I was bouncing ideas off of Ms York and she was in turn providing me with feedback. When speaking about the way that I hope to use myself as an example and to bring the representatives closer to my points, I mention “…I think that’s why I like that part…” indicating my feeling toward that certain idea, and trying to relay that feeling and justification to Ms York.


Black hat: Critical Thinking


Although there was an opportunity to use the black hat during the conversation when Ms York and I were speaking about how we felt about my current plan for my presentation, but we found ourselves using the white hat to assess instead of the black hat this time around.


Yellow hat: Benefits:


In this conversation, the yellow hat allowed for Ms York to express o me what she felt would be beneficial to my cause, and also allowed for the transition to new hats to build on that initiated concept. When I was speaking about the ‘self’ part of my presentation, Ms York confirmed that talking about my motivation to pursue such a goal would allow me access to the human side of the people I will be presenting to. We then transferred this co concept to the green hat for development.


Green hat: Ideas


A lot of my voice is within the green hat during this conversation. When I was talking about methods of communicating to the charitable and human side of the executives, I was using the green hat to generate ideas such as something that I had said earlier in the conversation, that refugees are no longer something that people can deny anymore, because in cases such as the Syrian refugees, we are beginning to consistently meet people in everyday spaces such as the grocery store. I created through the green hat the idea of bringing this relatable concept to the school representatives during my presentation. Ms York also mentioned bringing transparency into the picture, which was building on the kind of impression that I have been trying to construct to bring to the presentation.


That’s it for this week’s post. I will be updating more on the concepts and alternatives within our interactions, as well as a more specific update on my progress. Until next time!