The Revolution. it was a bitter time, a cold time, a low point for me. I have been oppressed, harassed, and forced into hiding. I do not look back on this time fondly. I wanted stability, I got unrest. I wanted my normal life, I got the Revolution. I tried to change the public mind and it grew more and more violent and angry. So I hid. I stowed away, lay low, avoided the eye of the mob until I could no longer.


I should’ve accepted it. I’ve spent years in denial that this would actually happen and here I am. look at what good it has done me.


I am in the midst of the oppressed. I did not choose my wealth or my opinions, this is simply my life as it is. The elites are being persecuted for their status and it does not help that I was so openly anti-revolutionary in the beginning. I have tried in the past to muffle my voice in vain. not this time. I refuse to walk away from what I believe in.


I hope that you can learn from my mistakes. I hope that you live your life while making your own path in this world. You control your own through to and actions, and I pray you will not crumble under the pressure of society as I have. The guillotine is a resting place for people like me, but a starting place for those like you.