A photo of myself on the Kludahk trail this summer, by Sierra Scott

This year for In Depth, I wanted to do trail maintenance. Here are some reasons why,


  • I love trails
  • There are trails I love that are overgrown
  • I know some people who are involved in it
  • I had a really great idea for a mentor
  • I would get to spend time on trials


This year for In Depth, I didn’t do trail maintenance. Here are some reasons why,


  • I already love trails
  • I already know some people involved in it
  • I already spend lots of time on trails


I decided that I should be looking past what I know to uncharted, new territory. After a rant at the dinner table about my disdain for the fact that privileged people are not doing more for those who have fled from the danger of their own homes when they are perfectly capable of doing so, my plan was formed. I would create a presentation to bring to private language school executives and attempt to get scholarships for Canadian refugees looking to reconstruct their professional and social lives. It feels like a bit of a stretch right now, but I believe that if I can remain passionate my goals will be achievable.  

Courtesy of the Toronto Star

As for the refugees that I would like to assist, I am not entirely sure. At first I was thinking about Syrain refugees, and then I realized that thought that group is the most commonly recognized at this point, those are not the only vulnerable people (though I do entirely recognize that the Syrian war is still in a critical state and regarless of the amount of publicity the situation has received, the people are still in need of support). I am also considering the opportunity to support the Yazidi Women who are coming to Canada as victims of slavery and abuse from ISIS. All in all, by ultimate goal is to provide support as a privileged youth to those who genuinely need it.


My mentor this year is Ms York, who has worked with the ISSofBC for about twelve years. I contacted a past member of the Coquitlam Multiculturalism Committee who also works for ISSofBC. She suggested that I contact Ms York.


Ms York currently works with the settlement services at ISSofBC, and with all of her experience with the institution I know that she will be very helpful in my process. I am really looking forward to working with her and hearing about all of the things that will help me become the most effective presenter I can be.