(This post is intended for our Social Studies project in which we take on the personality of prominent people in the French Revolution. Mine? He’s rather generic…)



Alright guys, that’s enough.


I get that you, (the peasants) are looking for more in life. Can we agree that we have this in common? I mean, we could all use a little more gold in our pockets. This includes the elites, also known as your employers and source of income. If they can’t buy your bread, how are you supposed to get by? All I want in life is to be comfortable, financially and socially. Is that so much to ask? Why must you make this so complicated?


Things are working alright for us right now. I see by no means why this must be changed for only benefit of the lesser of people. Let’s go back to the times when everyone respected the god given right to rule. Life was peaceful then. I need not the concern of rioting on my mind to haunt me, I have enough to think about. I would like to request your patience and love for our honourable King, and for his beauteous Queen. Please reconsider your threats and taunts of change.



Isaac Francoise

Generic Wealthy Person of Paris