Above is a scan of my theme map. Past many failed attempts at a digital version I have decided that this hand-created copy is the way to go.


Nothing good can come without sacrifice.


This is a common theme in the Hamilton musical. It is represented in songs, lyrics, plot, and characters. Among the countless appearances of sacrifice in Hamilton, three connected to me the most. They are;


Hamilton’s Past:


Hamilton, like many other immigrants to the colonies, sacrificed all he knew and him home for a turn in the new world, a fresh start, a gamble, a shot.


Though Alexander did not have much of a connection to his homeland, it was still a huge gamble for him to leave the life he had established and start completely fresh in a place where status is the key to success. Past all this, Hamilton valued this new opportunity for a remote chance of status more than the comforts of home, thus his great sacrifice.


Track 11: Satisfied:


The song ‘Satisfied’ is all about Angelica’s sacrifices for her sister and family name. From this, Angelica allows her sister to lead the life she desires with Alexander Hamilton.


Satisfied is bursting with tons of references to sacrifice, especially those of Angelica regarding her affection towards Alexander Hamilton, with whom her sister is also infatuated. She sacrifices for her sister’s sake, that of her family’s status, and of her own well being. She does not appear to disclose these to anyone during the musical, yet another sacrifice. She keeps her regrets welled up to not impose guilt or worry on others.


The ongoing war that is effectively the plot line:


War is a mass sacrifice of human lives for a cause deemed worthy.


Not much more needs to be said on this matter. There are masses of current events that this can be related to, and the storyline of Hamilton follows that of the American revolution and the war that rages throughout it.


Personal Connections:


This theme within Hamilton resonates with me because Sacrifice is so common. It is often that someone will sacrifice themselves for your sake, or you for their sake. Tough one may think they would notice this occurrence, it is frequently missed or looked past, taken for granted or somehow expected. We sacrifice ourselves, inconvenience ourselves for others, our own benefit, the greater good or simply revenge (the benefit of none) so often that we generally breeze past it without the need for justification. This is incredibly curious, and one of the many ways that we as a species has strayed for our ancestral instincts.