Month January 2017

In Depth Post #2

In the past two weeks, I have been working on getting my In Depth project in the air. This involves finally meeting my mentor in person. Jennifer York (my mentor) and I arranged to meet at her office at ISSBC…. Continue Reading →

What Comes Next? Socials Final

In the beginning, I identified political, sociological, and philosophical studies to be main source of interest in the social studies. History dragged far behind. I wanted to try a little bit of everything so that I could understand what I… Continue Reading →

Final Address to the Revolution

  The Revolution. it was a bitter time, a cold time, a low point for me. I have been oppressed, harassed, and forced into hiding. I do not look back on this time fondly. I wanted stability, I got unrest…. Continue Reading →

An In Depth Presentation

This year for In Depth, I wanted to do trail maintenance. Here are some reasons why,   I love trails There are trails I love that are overgrown I know some people who are involved in it I had a… Continue Reading →

A Letter from the Concerned Upper Class

(This post is intended for our Social Studies project in which we take on the personality of prominent people in the French Revolution. Mine? He’s rather generic…)     Alright guys, that’s enough.   I get that you, (the peasants)… Continue Reading →

Sacrifice and its Place Within Hamilton

Above is a scan of my theme map. Past many failed attempts at a digital version I have decided that this hand-created copy is the way to go. Sacrifice Nothing good can come without sacrifice.   This is a common… Continue Reading →

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