Big Ideas


Emerging ideas and ideologies profoundly influence societies and events

Bathroom politics

  • Gender fluidity
  • Law, justice,
  • Progressiveness and freedom
  • Content: Local, Regional, and National Conflicts

Rape culture, prosecution and prevention

  • Undercover colours- innovative nail polish that can detect date rape drugs
  • Traps
  • Rationalization
  • Judge Robin Camp and his requested resignation
  • Content: political, social, economic, and technological revolutions

Syrian war and refugee crisis

  • Acceptance of foreign people
  • Willingness and trust of those unknown but in need
  • Content: Global demographic shifts

The physical environment influences the nature of political, social, and economic change

Kinder Morgan, Northern Gateway, Trans Mountain Pipelines

  • The politics behind the decisions
  • Will the pipelines actually happen?
  • Hypocrisy of Trudeau’s words on canadian values
  • Content: Physiographic Features and Natural Resources in Canada

Social revolutions: carbon tax

  • My TESP revolution cycle on the carbon taxes
  • The way the provinces have reacted and integrated
  • Content: Physiographic Features and Natural Resources in Canada

Eminent person Benton MacKaye and the Appalachian Trail

  • The First World war was a large part of Mackaye’s inspiration for the trail
  • The trail and the passion of its founders helped influence the priorities and cares of the american government
  • Content: Physiographic Features and Natural Resources in Canada (in this case USA)

Disparities in power alter the balance of relationships between individuals and between



  • It was underestimated, ‘it’s just a protest vote’
  • Lower turnout than expected
  • The age demographic
  • The result, protest and pride
  • We thought that there would be no brexit
  • Over confident
  • Lack of a youthful vote
  • Anger and disbelief
  • Backlash
  • Mentioned in class when we spoke about the UK
  • Content: Local, Regional, and Global Conflicts

Trump and the followers

  • The rationalization of discriminative behaviors
  • Lots of talk in class
  • Class meeting after election day
  • Lots of jokes and not taking Trump seriously
  • Discussions on why his remarks are unacceptable and unachievable
  • Content: Local, Regional, and Global Conflicts

Social classes and their sway on the decision making process

  • ‘Drain the swamp’
  • Wealth and social status in all age groups
  • Our youth and the values they are being raised
  • Content: Global Demographic Shifts

Curricular Competencies



  • I try to show the importance of my writings, and why we should care about the topic /why I care.
  • Example: My Eminent Learning Centre, where I attempted to describe to those who visited me how truly inpactful Benton MacKaye’s ahievements were for america, and the preservation of American natural resources.

Cause and consequence


  • I aim to represent, or at least make myself and others aware of the different poitions people may have on topics.
  • Example: My comparison eminent post of Myself and Benton MacKaye, where I show how our differences may challenge me in connecting to him, as well as representing him. I also describe how I wished to portray the people in my presentation.




  • I need to provide more justification
  • An effective strategy for me would be to explain the why of topics

Ethical judgement

  • I could go further into implicit judgements
  • I should try to understand the mindset in which judgements are made
  • Give an understanding that people make decisions becuase they feel that they are right, though this may not always be seen by onlookers

Continuity and change

  • I could express more contrast in before/after and other comparisons
  • I could spend more time extrapolating out of direct topic