My learning centre begins at the start of locker space twelve. You step onto the grey material strewn across the floor. The cedar, fir and pine boughs swing from the locker fronts. Green rests on the locker foregrounds. You see camp materials all around, packs, boots, and lamps. This is the product of Benton MacKaye’s epic preposition, Myron Avery’s tireless commitment, the power, passion and determination of those who fought for the cause. This is the Appalachian Trail.

This is the goal statement that I had in mind while designing my centre, and the atmosphere that I attempted to create through my Night of the Notables learning centre.

My goals for Night of the Notables this year…

Create the atmosphere of the remarkable space that the Appalachian trail is 90% there, it could’ve been fuller. Bonus- it smelled great!
Relay information on not just Benton MacKaye but his achievements as well Yes, the focus of my centre was on the trail but I was talking mostly about MacKaye
Represent the symbiosis of the natural world with MacKaye’s goals, visions and aspirations Yes, I had my timeline and synopsis of the trail in between the live branches which was a good representation of that.
Learn and adapt for next year, come up with ideas Yes! See below…

Next year I would make sure to…
-Have the dimensions in mind throughout the whole planning stage
-Think about whether the atmosphere should be crowded or crisp and simple, not in between as those portray the most striking visuals
-Have little to no printed text
-Show more of his life, not just his achievement

This was the third Night of the notables that I have attended. From each year, there have been a few grade ten speeches that have stood out to me. This year, The speeches of Sydney, Anika, and Andreas have been very prominent for me when recalling the event. Theirs each had power and passion with clear purpose and intention behind them.

There were two learning centres that I believe were particularly effective, although I was not able to explore them or see all of the centres. These two represent what I think is the way to go with a learning centre, simple and crisp or crowded and full. I really loved Maeve’s centre, it was very simple yet extremely effective, especially when regarding who her Eminent person was. Hira’s was a really good example of a full centre, it really gave off a convincing, heartwarming vibe. There were tons of things in Hira’s centre, it was a very strong project and you could see it.


Thanks to all of the 10’s for the inspiration, you all showed us how it’s done and got us excited for next year! To the nines, thanks for sticking together and being really supportive for each other through this  whole process, interviews, speeches, learning centres, all of it. But mostly, thanks to Ms. Mulder, Mr. Jackson, Ms. Dingle and Mr. Salisbury. We couldn’t have done it without your guidance and encouragement.

I can’t wait to witness what everyone comes up with next year!