The Wilderness Society Founders Page

The Wilderness Society has a page on Benton MacKaye because he was one of the society founders. It provides a brief summary of his life, his work, and his legacy. This is a valuable resource for its brevity, authenticity, and it presents a good starting point for researching Benton MacKaye.

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy official site ‘Explore by State’ function

The ‘explore by state’ function is an incredibly useful tool when trying to gather more information on the geographical face of the trail. It is an interactive map with links to separate pages on the individual trail states. It informs the reader about mileage, natural identifiers, landmarks and difficulty.

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy official site ‘Our Team’ Page

The ‘Our Team’ page includes information on many of the important players in the Appalachian trail conservancy and their jobs. This is a worthwhile place to look for potential interview subjects.

The Vision of Benton MacKaye

This site contains an assessment and interpretation of An Appalachian Trail- A Project in Regional planning by Benton MacKaye. It analyzes the text and speaks about outstanding pieces of the proposal. It is beneficial to visit this site when trying to understand the plans, morals and visions that Benton MacKaye had in the start.

Benton MacKaye- a wilderness visionary

This resource speaks of MacKaye’s youth and past, recalling throughout the writing MacKaye’s admiration for and involvement with the outdoors. It gives a sense of MacKaye’s motivation and attitude towards the trail, along with other aspects of his personal and family life.  



An Appalachian trail- a Project in Regional Planning

This is a document that contains the words that Benton MacKaye wrote and Charles Whitaker published in 1921. This is the original preposition for the Appalachian Trail. Retrieved from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy official site. 



A Walk in the Woods- Bill Bryson

This novel was my starting place for research, even before eminent began. It is a retelling of the author, Bill Bryson, his friend and their experience with hiking the Appalachian trail. There are facts and pieces of history dispersed throughout the text, providing more and more insight onto the reality of the trail as the characters progress their way across the eastern United States. It is a good resource when searching to obtain the feel of the trail itself.

The Appalachian Trail 

This book is extraordinarily complete. It progresses through the timeline of the trail with extremely valuable information, no matter if you are searching for information on the trail itself of the people involved. It had a detailed recollection of the trail from the start, including some aspects on the important trail people including Benton MacKaye and Myron Avery. It is very thorough and recites trail history from the very beginning to modern activities.

An Appalachian Odyssey- Julia Older and Steve Sherman

A recollection of a trail experiences between the two authors, this novel provides insight on the physical trail itself. The value of this source comes from its accurate representation of this epic trail, showing that however intimidating it may be, it is achievable.

Backpacker Magazine’s guide to the Appalachian Trail

This guide focuses on the physicalities of the trail, describing the terrain, difficulty, and notable points. It also talks of trail and natural history, implementing quantities of valuable information to the reader, whether or not they are intending to hike the trail.