Month October 2016

Library Experience 2016

Before the trip began, I decided that my ultimate goal was to get books on my Eminent person, Benton MacKaye, and his legacy of a trail. I wanted to sort through the books before taking anything out to make sure… Continue Reading →

MacKaye and I

2,190 miles of trail spanning across the densely forested eastern United States. 2 national parks. 14 states. On top of all this achievement- a name, one known By all 2 million estimated yearly visitors to the trail. Benton MacKaye. (BEHN-ton… Continue Reading →

The Revolution Revelation

.                                                                      Technological .      … Continue Reading →

I Prefer Gold

Occasionally, one comes across a cabin with a view of a distant, remote city across the glossy waters, at the feet of gentle, standstill mountains. After a week on the trail, when the sun dips below the mountain and the… Continue Reading →

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