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Three Wise Nugs

For my eminent 2017 practice interview, I pitched my questions to certified interior decorator-gone-designer Ms Bain. My interview went really well, and I gained lots of new insight into Interior Design from her experience and knowledge. Ms Bain and I… Continue Reading →

Eminent 2017 Speech Outline

For my eminent speech this year, I have 90 seconds to effectively relay Rihanna’s eminence. On top of this, I will also be responsible for convincing some of the audience that Rihanna is deserving of an eminent title. Though I… Continue Reading →

Robyn Rihanna Fenty- an Eminent Introduction

My eminent person this year is Robyn Fenty, though you probably are more familiar with her middle name, Rihanna. Robyn is a woman of Bajan origin who, since she moved to America from Barbados when she was fifteen, has been… Continue Reading →

Theme Analysis- Kurt Vonnegut Jr’s ‘Harrison Bergeron’ and Stuart Mclean’s ‘Emil”

In both Kurt Vonnegut Jr’s ‘Harrison Bergeron’ and Stuart Mclean’s ‘Emil”, I read the prominence of compassion and it’s essential influence on development, productivity, and the formation of healthy relationships. The two stories present opposites on the spectrum of compassion…. Continue Reading →

David Suzuki’s ‘Racism’ and a quick note on why you can’t be racist to white people because I think it’s important.

David Suzuki’s ‘Racism’ and a quick note on why you can’t be racist to white people because I think it’s important.   In David Suzuki’s “Racism”, I interpreted a strong message of perseverance. I felt that Suzuki is seeking recognition… Continue Reading →

English Bog Response #2

I found significance and great impact in Chamimanda Ngozi Adichie’s “The Danger of a Single Story.” Adichie’s words reinforced the importance for me to bring my own consciousness and logic into what I take away from current events in media…. Continue Reading →

Emil Response

Morley is a privileged woman with abundance, both physically and psychologically. Morley is a character of note within Stuart McLean’s “Emil”, her character develops and learns about concepts of charity, privilege, assumptions, and a balance between empathy and sympathy through… Continue Reading →

Descriptive Writing Under a Prompt

Prompt: The puppy was a terror.   It was unexpected, the way he looked at me. I was completely caught off guard when his eyes frantically searched for a place to rest on my vulnerable flesh before settling on my… Continue Reading →

Ted Talk 2017

My Ted Talk this year was about captivity, specifically cetaceans (whales, dolphins, porpoises) in captivity and the justifications and implications on these animals. I have attached the slideshow that is playing in the background as it is hard to see… Continue Reading →

Reducing My Ecological Footprint!

The Plan Recently, in science, we have been looking at our ecological footprints. Here is the breakdown of mine: Water use: +95 Clothing: +85 Stuff: +15 Shelter: +10 Transportation: +250 Fun: +130 Food: +80 Total: 665- My ecological footprint is… Continue Reading →

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